Friday, December 26, 2008

Family’s First Christmas

A Merry Christmas indeed!  Time keeps flying though as Jack Jack’s already a month old.  We’re Christmas junkies as it is, pretty much going haywire every year with decorations, family dinners, parties, etc., but this year obviously added another dimension.

The temp is still sub-30, so the snow and ice remain.  And while it makes for some sketchy driving, the scenery isn’t bad.


The water “issue” behind us, or at least to the point that we have hot water again, Abby and I set out to have Christmas basically explode all over the house, have a few friends and family over, and just thoroughly enjoy the Holiday with Jack.  Hopefully, we’ll find some time between now and New Year’s for a little R&R.  But that’s a Christmas wish that’s not likely to happen.

Along with Grandma and Grandpa Rogers and Aunt Chelsea, we had our good friends Rick and Lori over on Christmas Eve with their new baby girl Emily who is a few days away from six months old.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Chelsea stayed the night, so I had my sous chef again for Christmas dinner…although we kept this a bit more low-key than Thanksgiving.

I know mom and dad had a blast, and I think Jack did too.  Granted, it was more for us than him, it’s another milestone first of our family.

Ho, ho, ho!

IMG_0235 IMG_0233

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