Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Very Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for, all the more true this year with Jack joining the family.  It’s hard to believe little man’s only (already?!) 10 days old.  It’s been non-stop action since we brought him home though…the parade of visitors, 3am feedings, etc, and now hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  This was, of course, by our own design since the idea of packing up to go anywhere with a not-yet-two-week-old had less than zero appeal.   But we wouldn’t change a thing. 

Jack spends most of his days sleeping, and despite a full house with plenty of noise, today was no different.  Every now and then he cracks an eye or two and joins in the festivities…


All in all though, a rather smooth day.  Abby had one “demand” with a late-November due date: “I want to spend Thanksgiving at home!”  So as promised, I spent the day in the kitchen.  If not for my trusty sous chef in Grandma Kristine, it wouldn’t have happened though (I’m not sure how Grandma feels about ever reprising that role though).


Just a low key night at home with family.  Now, family +1.


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